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BizBash Event Report: Bloomberg Party

Overcoming rain, leaky tents, and hundreds of crashers, Bloomberg's post-Correspondents dinner party got futuristic this year, with high-tech invitations, neon lighting, and interactive art installations.
Bloomberg L.P.'s Saturday-night White House Correspondents Association dinner party—arguably the second-most coveted after-party in town, after Vanity Fair's shindig—had one thing nailed down this year: the element of surprise. With all parties involved sworn to secrecy in the weeks leading up to the event, the 950 guests (up from last year’s 500, and wrangled by Tammy Haddad and Margaret Carlson) barely knew what to expect.

Headed by Bloomberg event planners Raquel Tudela and Mia Sakai, along with C.E.O. Lex Fenwick, the party filled up a series of tents (all raised 12 feet off the ground) around the Costa Rican embassy. One major hiccup was the pouring rain that began just before the doors opened, causing the temporary setup to become riddled with leaks. Though planners scrambled to fix the problem, by opening time a few drippy spots, patches of soaked carpet, and a dozen or so water-catching trash cans lingered—and much of the postparty chatter and news coverage questioned its choice of location.

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